About Us

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Studio 1484 is located on Queen West in Toronto’s ever-changing Parkdale Village. Here we showcase our mid-century tableware, ceramics, and art glass. We also provide a full range of custom picture framing services, with an emphasis on preservation. If you’re in the area, drop in for a visit.


We display vintage and contemporary art. Being artists ourselves, most of our contemporary art is made in-house and is often inspired by our collection. We also specialize in commissioned art for that one-of-a-kind piece, and have been providing custom portrait services for many years.


Much of the design work we carry is mid-century modern and our collection is always evolving. Some pieces will have great historical significance, and others simply harken back to an era – studios and styles that have made a lasting impression.


We’ve been specializing in conservation framing for nearly 3 decades, and are always updating our samples to reflect current design trends. Having worked with a large number of architects, curators, designers, and artists over the years, we understand the value of good customer service.